Brothers Only


     You will need to register for a username and password to access more features of the web site.  Please follow this link or click on Create an Account under the login form on the left.  Once logged in the Brothers Menu will show more links.

     The Gallery link will take you to the picture gallery where you can login using the same credentials.  Please feel free to create albums and upload your pictures to share with all of us.

     The Brothers List link will take you the login where you can obtain contact information for all the Brothers.  There are a few different views of the data you can choose from.  For example Brothers Address List, this view will contain only the information that would be used for sending out snail mail.  You can choose the Brother Contact Import view as this will allow you to export to an Excel file which you can then use to import into your contact list in Outlook, GMail or the like.  There are also two Google Map links, one will show you a view of the USA and each marker indicates a Brother's location.  You can move or zoom in on particular areas for a closer look.  Clicking on the marker will show you which Brother that is.  The other link will allow you to do a radius search for Brother.  By filling in your address or zip code and choosing a search radius the map will display all Brothers found within the chosen radius.  Again clicking on the marker will display that Brother's information.

     If you have any problems or questions about the site please feel free to reach out to me @ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Per Spiritum Et Sodoliteri
Stephen 'woody' Wood S94